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Whats holding you back: Part 2 - Trying new things

So you're an advanced vocalist - but you feel like you could be a lot better, wishing you had a couple tricks up your sleeve to wow the crowd, feeling your singing is one dimensional but don't know where to start? Well here are some tips to overcome these hurdles that are holding you back from being the best vocalist you can be! # 1 - Sing a style thats out of your comfort zone:

Singing different styles can make all the difference, learning songs that are outside of your comfort zone is one of the best things you can do to widen your range, add new techniques to your to your arsenal. For example, lets say you're a rock singer - your voice is powerful - edgy, and your pitch and grit is on point, but you wish you could have a little extra flare. Try learning a couple of R&B songs! R&B singers are very technical vocalists - they have excellent control of their voices, able to do vocal acrobatics as they riff up and down the pentatonic scale. Practicing a couple of your favorite R&B songs could just be the ticket you need to step up your game!

#2 - Sing something that you think is beyond your ability:

Challenging yourself is daunting, I know! I'm not talking about singing something that is above your range... Don't hurt yourself with this advice, but choose something that when you listen, you think to yourself - I can't do that. Yes you can! At one time that singer that you're listening to was in the same place as you, listening to another singer that he thought was amazing - but instead of wishing, they practiced and did it! I think a little advice from our favorite cute little Jedi Master will do just fine here:

"You must do the things you think you cannot do." - Eleanor Rosevelt

#3 - Scales, Practice, and a little music theory - oh my!:

I know I know, you've heard this before. The dreaded word: Practice! I remember as a kid, taking lessons from Mrs Lowe how much I dreaded scales. Over and over - up and down the piano, it seemed pointless... but what sweet old Mrs Lowe forgot to tell me was why it was so important! Scales are the lifeblood of music, they are what connects us to each other musically. Now I know this and practice my scales, and utilize my practice and knowledge to my advantage!

Nothing is worse than playing with other musicians, and having no idea what they are doing and playing or singing a sour note - they glare at you, and you just freeze. :( It's times like these that make you want to throw in the towel, but this is not the time to quit, this is the time to further your education as a musician! Spend some time every day working on scales, its a must! There are tons of tutorials on youtube, I will link a few at the bottom, get on it! (I do plan on doing some video tutorials in the future, look out for those!)

Consistency is key! I'm sure you've heard this before, but if not - pay very careful attention, copy and paste it, and put it on your desktop if you must. Anything to keep this thought in your head: "It takes 21 days to develop a habit, so set your goal to practice scales 15-30 minutes every day for 21 days."

Before you know it, this will be a natural habit of yours (an added bonus is it might take the place of other not so favorable habits) which is easy to do and remember! Once this happens, then challenge yourself to set an even higher goal- practicing your scales for an hour a day! You can do it!

If you need some advice on how to do go out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself further, and how to make practice fun- lessons are a great way to fast track your singing to the next level very quickly, I'm just a phone call or an email away! DO THE WORK, I REPEAT, DO THE WORK! :) Below is a little picture you should set as your background on your desktop/home screen:

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