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Services and Pricing

Vocal Coaching & Production Services

Discover the power of your voice with our range of professional vocal services. Whether you're polishing your skills or producing new music, we provide tailored support to meet your vocal goals.

Vocal Lessons:

  • Full Session (1 Hour): $75

  • Half Session (30 Minutes): $40

Develop your technique, expand your range, and express your musicality. Our lessons are designed to fit into your schedule, with flexible booking for both half and full sessions.

Session Vocals:

  • Complete Package: $750

Make your track stand out with our full vocal production package. As a seasoned vocalist, I will lend my voice and lyrical creativity to your music. This comprehensive service includes the creation of lyrics, pre-production, and delivering a studio-quality final vocal recording. The price covers all aspects of my work — you only need to take care of the studio costs.

Vocal Production:

  • Production Rate (Per Hour): $75

Capture the essence of your performance. With our vocal production services, you not only get quality recording time but also benefit from our extensive vocal education expertise. We guide you through the process, employing techniques to ensure you deliver your best takes.

Invest in your talent today and elevate your vocal capabilities. Each service is structured to provide maximum value and propel you towards your musical aspirations.

Our Clients

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