"Johnny is the perfect teacher- he is kind, intelligent, understanding, and imaginative. He will learn more about your vocal style in one lesson than you probably know about yourself, and each lesson is structured around maximizing strengths and working to improve weaknesses. One of the best parts is that you will never leave with a disheartened feeling- Johnny is the epitome of kindness, positivity, strength, and willpower." - Cassandra Calo

Johnny has brought notes out of me in a very short amount of time that I thought would not be possible in a lifetime, and he has a very good sense for when to hold back and went to push me outside of my comfort zone, highly recommend. - Jerry Dorr

Started taking vocal lessons in 2019 to work on getting out of my comfort zone and sharpen my public speaking skills. Vocal lessons can be applied to much more than just singing, i.e. breathe control, emphasis on tone, projecting, etc.. Johnny has taught me several skills that have helped me develop better control over my vocals and reduced my fear of singing publicly. I've also increased my singing range after just a few lessons. I did have previous experience singing, but never had refined training to understand why what i was doing would get the sound I was producing. I highly recommend working with Johnny! - Nicholle Fernandez-Shute

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