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Have you always wondered if you have a good voice, but want to hone your craft, and learn the skills necessary to take it to the next level?


Many of my students are already very much on their way to greatness, but need to understand the key foundational techniques to "put the icing on the cake." 

Thats where I come in! My specialty is making "good singers great"! I have had much success over the years helping good singers become the best they can be!

You can learn more about me from the "about" page, but I want to give you a brief introduction:

I'm Johnny, I am an opera trained vocalist, I studied under Maestro Mario Laurenti for nearly 10 years, and now I love spreading the knowledge I gained there to people of all styles and tastes. I am also a vocals professional certificate holder from Berklee College of Music! I love what I do and have been having great success always maintaining my commitment to help others discover and reach their full potential. I have a knack figuring out the different learning styles that everyone has in order to tailor a plan for their needs!



I'd love to hear from you!

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